These past few months I have spent much of my time alone. That tends to happen when you move to a new place. However this time alone has led me to discover the wonderful world of podcasts.

I like to listen to an episode or two on my commute to work. It is so easy to download podcasts on my phone the night before and listen to them on the bus the next morning. I can listen to different ideas and learn about issues which I am interesed in, for free. I have gathered up a list of my favourite podcasts down below.

If you are a fan of TED Talks, I have no doubt you will become obsessed with the TED Radio Hour podcasts. Hosted by Guy Raz, every episode has various guests where they talk about one important life theme. My personal favourites are about identity, creativity  and growing up.

From HowStuffWorks.com, Josh and Chuck cover every topic imaginable. Every Thursday they become an expert on a new topic. Their humorous approach combined with the rich information makes them so great to listen to. Just pick a topic you want to learn about, and listen!

Presented by Refinery29, Christene Barberich has a a guest every episode, where she interviews them and they talk about a topic or an issue that is important to them. If you are interested in fashion and the issues that surround it such as cultural appropriation, body dysmorphia or the female form, it is a great podcast to listen to. It is also still fairly new, so start now so you can be up to date on the newest episodes!!

Once in a while I like to listen to Vegan Warrior Princess Attack. With over 100 episodes, Nichole and Callie talk about every topic that has to do with veganism. Whether you are vegan or are interested in going vegan, they are two wonderful, non-judgemental women that feel like friends having a conversation in which you are included.


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