Winter Essentials 2016

I am experiencing a real winter for the first time in my life. Scratch that, the second time, but the last time I lived somewhere with freezing weather on the daily I was when I was seven years old, so I’ve gotten out of practice. This time around I’m technically an adult so I carry around a big red purse (it makes me look important).

I threw out all of my empty wrappers and old receipts to show my winter essentials.


  1. Excel gum- Excel and Orbit are my favourite brands, and the big tubs last forever. Eat a plate of hummus with extra garlic? I gochu.
  2. A pen and a notebook- My notebook is small enough that it fits in my purse, but big enough so that I can actually see what I’m writing/drawing. I know everyone says this all the time but there is just something about analog note taking. I don’t use it that often as I should but I keep it there just in case.
  3. Lip Balm- This cold makes my lips dry as elephant skin. I have to apply lip balm in the morning and carry it around because I need it again throughout the day. I don’t want crusty lips, thanks.
  4. Hand Lotion- I got this free sample of the Calvin Klein Obsession lotion and it looks so pretty I almost don’t want to use it. I hardly do, but I have to keep these hands looking fresh.
  5. A handful of lipsticks/glosses- I always grab the color I am going to use and then never put it back it in its place at the end of the day, so I end up hoarding lip products in my bag.
  6. My Wallet- I don’t this needs an explanation, but I usually carry an ID, my bus pass, store loyalty cards and of course some $$$.
  7. A vinegar packet- The fact that I love vinegar so much is probably the only recognisable Canadian thing about me. I have to have an emergency vinegar packet just in case some fries cross my path.
  8. Coin purse- I stole this cute bunny coin purse from my sister, it was so cute and somebody had to use it. $1 and $2 are coins in Canada so coins are actually useful sometimes.
  9. Sriracha- I got hot sauce in my bag. Even though it is an asian flavoured hot sauce, the Mexican side of me has to have some spice in my food. You end up carrying a lot of condiments(?) when you are multicultural I guess.
  10. Ray Bans- Here in Ottawa the sun comes out once every three weeks, so I have to be prepared for whenever it decides to make an appearance. I’m so used to grey skies that whenever there is even a hint of sunlight it feels too dark #justCanadian things.
  11. Gloves- I got this pair from Joe Fresh and I love them because they look kind of Parisian to me. I need them whenever I’m waiting for the bus to go home from work. I should also start carrying a hat or earmuffs soon though.


Laura Nygaard





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